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It was on May 2, 2012 that Daniel received news that his older brother, 2nd Lt. David E. Rylander, had been killed in action in Afghanistan. He had been writing and playing music for a long time before this; having been a drummer for eighteen years, teaching himself piano and guitar for the past eight, and more recently the ukulele, music has always been a big part of his life. However, the endeavor to pursue his musical passions more seriously really began when he co-wrote a song with his Uncle, Tom Siebert, in order to remember and honor his older brother's sacrifice. They performed the song, entitled: "A Friend & Brother (Be Thou at Peace)" at the funeral on May 11, 2012 and it was very well received, having a large impact on all those in attendance. Daniel was encouraged to have it professionally recorded, which he soon did at Creekside Audio in Norton, Ohio. "I had such a positive experience working with owner/operator, Wes McCraw, that I decided to return and record my debut full-length album, Strawberry Skyline, there."

It was learning to find some beauty within the tragedy of losing his older brother that inspired Daniel to embark on his musical endeavors and what keeps him going, as no one is promised tomorrow. "We've got to make the most of every day we are blessed with, and that's why I'm doing what I'm doing with my music. It brings me peace to know that, and I know my older brother would be proud." 

Daniel's current discography includes:

Strawberry Skyline (2013)

The Memoirs of a Poolside Romance (2015)

His newest singles are “Right Now” (released Sept. 15th, 2017) ”Understanding" (released Jan. 6th, 2017), and "White Elephant" (released Nov. 25th, 2016).


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